Model Legend 150
Sauna room min. m3 6
Sauna room max. m3 13
Stone capacity max. kg 120
Dimensions diameter mm
Dimensions height mm 740
+ adjustable legs 0–30
Weight kg 58
Output kW 16
Safety distance to masonry walls E min. mm
50 (*
Safety distance to wooden walls and platform:  
  to sides B
  to back C
  to front D
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling A min. mm 1000
Fire chamber cover mm 5
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole mm
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to centre of hole mm 180 ± 5
Upper connection opening, location from floor mm 640
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115
Maximum length of firewood cm
(* Leave 50 mm between the stove and walls, provided that the air can circulate in front and to one side of the stove. If the stove is installed in a recessed wall, leave 100 mm between the stove and side walls and 100 mm behind the stove.
Declaration of Performance