Production process and the environment

The production process at Harvia’s Muurame factory is environmentally friendly and materials are used efficiently. The content of this page is based on the survey of Harvia’s environmental impact conducted in 2008.

Harvia’s products are made of recyclable main raw materials, and the production process makes efficient use of raw materials, thereby avoiding the creation of excess waste material. Of the small amount of resulting waste material, 90 % is recyclable. Hazardous waste only amounts to 0.3 %. We also avoid excessive packaging and recycle the small amount of leftover material.

We do not waste valuable natural resources: all our heaters and saunas are made of recyclable raw materials, which are optimally utilised. We recycle even the tiniest pieces of metal and wood that cannot be used in the production process.

The energy consumption at our factory is moderate when you consider Harvia’s turnover and production volume. The factory uses district heating, which uses wood pellets as the source of renewable energy. The closed water circulation system decreases the amount of water consumed at the factory. The chemicals used in the paint shop are hazardous to the environment. However, only small amounts of chemicals are needed and they are always handled in a controlled way.

In the future, we will also pay more and more attention to the ecological choices made by our subcontractors.

(Source: Ecovisor, Environmental Impact Survey at Harvia Ltd., 30.9.2008)

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