Harvia supporting sports

Harvia’s co-operation partners are always chosen with care. Targets are mainly local organizations or groups that provide important visibility for the company through the co-operation. The co-operation projects and targets are expected to be local, focused and long-lasting.

Harvia takes pride in supporting Finnish sports, as exercise is an essential part of health and well-being and one of Harvia’s basic values. Through co-operation agreements, Harvia also aims to become better known and improve visibility and brand value.

Harvia’s co-operation partners include premier leagues:

  • JYP (icehockey)
  • JJK (football / soccer)
  • Kirittäret (Finnish baseball)

Harvia also supports other sports teams in lower leagues, and is strongly involved in junior teams as well.

In addition to sport co-operation, Harvia supports war veterans and certain culture events.

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